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Why you should get a Realtor to help you sell your property in Nigeria

Why you should get a Realtor to help you sell your property in Nigeria

As a property owner who intends to sell his/her property to maybe invest in something else, there’s always that temptation to overlook enlisting the services of a Real Estate expert. We often believe that, by just telling a few people in our neighborhood or by uploading it to some property listing sites, then, we’re all fine and good.

Well, things don’t always work out that way, even though these traditional methods can be quite helpful but they can only offer a fraction of what a Realtor can give.

Below are a few reasons why hiring a Realtor is the best way to go;


A Realtor Knows the true value of your property:

A realtor is experienced in the sales and acquisition of various kinds of properties, and as such, he easily knows the true worth of your property just by taking a tour. He understands the market and how certain factors can be exploited to drive up the value of your property.

He/She will go the extra mile in staging the property in a manner that will help it reach the best possible valuation. This is also borne out of the fact that they know that the higher the sales price, the higher their commission will be. And as such he/she will endeavor to pitch the property to prospective buyers at the highest possible price.


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They are trained marketers:

A realtor is a trained marketer who understands the importance of smart and strategic marketing. He knows the class potential buyers of your property fall into. Therefore he strives to target people who are in that category. Property sales are sometimes an energy sapping process, but hiring a Realtor will help to relieve you of the stress associated with it. They also have the ability to bring in a buyer for your property within a shorter time frame as they boast of a very robust network of clients and partners in the real estate sector who might be interested in purchasing the property.



They know the system:

This simply means that they understand the process of property purchase and acquisition better than the average person out there. They have spent many years in the business, enough to know what potential buyers might worry about. For example, a Realtor can advise you the property owner, to fix one or two things in the property that you might ordinarily overlook. They could also advise you to get certain government issued documents in other to raise the valuation of the property and make it a more enticing offer to potential buyers.

A realtor is a property expert who understands the body language of potential buyers and knows the right choice of words to use when speaking to them. They also understand the fears and worries of prospects and can also anticipate beforehand the types of questions to expect from a buyer.


Finally hiring a Realtor is good, but what is even better is hiring an experienced Real Estate company like Topland Realties Limited. We are a respected and trusted brand in the Real Estate sector in Nigeria. We’ve been involved in many property deals across various parts of Lagos, Nigeria. We don’t just sell properties, but we also ensure that we sell it for the best possible price. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you towards the sales of your property. To get started, please Call or Whatsapp- +234 811 443 1525.

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