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how to sell filling station in Nigeria

A filling station is a facility needed by literally everyone as we all need one or more of the products sold there either for our everyday commuting or for powering our homes or offices.

Many at times we don’t seem to fully appreciate the importance of having one within a touching distance, maybe because many of us grew up in urban areas where one can be found at every turn in the city. The importance of having these facilities in our locality is often underappreciated as we seem not to fully realize how dependent we are on petroleum products for our daily activities.

With the epileptic power supply that has bedeviled our country for decades and with no guarantee of having uninterrupted power supply anytime soon, we depend on petrol from filling stations (Petrol Stations) to power our homes, run our businesses and many a times, power up critical social amenities like government hospitals, Street lights and Schools etc.

The importance of a filling station can never be over emphasized, as they will still have very key roles to play in our societies in decades to come.

These above stated importance of these facilities are the major reasons why filling stations are also very lucrative to operate. If properly managed, they are one of the few businesses where profit is almost guaranteed. As people need products they sell at every point in time whether directly or indirectly. Although just like every other businesses, filling stations have their own set of challenges as the Oil and Gas sector is a highly regulated sector. Even with the plans of the government to deregulate the sector in Nigeria, it still remains a sector where the government maintains a tight grip on how the business is operated.

The challenges often vary from, extortion from officials of regulatory agencies to sharp practices from petroleum marketers at the depot and in some other cases, internal theft from staffs etc, which if not handled carefully, could make a thriving filling station to start having a bottom line that is in the red.


These amongst other reasons could lead an owner of a filling station to make up his or her mind to sell off the filling station.

Pls Note: The decision to sell could sometimes be motivated by a strategic move to divest into another business or sector all together


The challenge now for a willing seller of such a facility will then become finding a willing and capable buyer, as people who have the financial resources to undertake such investments are not always found roaming the streets. Finding a willing buyer entails a lot of networking and smart work, it means that you must have channels through which you can reach out to other players in the Oil and Gas downstream sector who might be seeking to expand the network of their filling stations.

This is where we come in, as a firm with many years of experience in the Real Estate sector, Topland Realties Limited have brokered deals on various types of properties, from Filling stations to Gas plants, empty lands, office buildings and even fully built residential buildings.

We have a wide network of happy clients who we have served over the years and are always willing to take a look out any new listings that might be of interest to them. We ensure that we spread the word of your planned sale in the right places in other to ensure that we help you find a buyer within the shortest possible time, so as to help you push through your plans to divest from your filling station.

We are just a phone call away, whenever you have a Filling station or Gas plant for sale anywhere in Nigeria. To get started please Call or Whatsapp- +234 811 443 1525


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