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Things to consider when Searching for a Property for Rent in Lagos

Things to consider when Searching for a Property for Rent in Lagos

Hello dear readers, our article today will help you understand the important things to consider while searching for an apartment for rent/lease in Lagos. Hunting for an apartment for rent is a very tedious task that requires a lot of energy and patience. Whether a residential apartment or office space for your business, it is always important that you understand some of the vital elements to look out for, in order to get the best property for rent in Lagos.

Below are some things you need to consider when searching for an Apartment to Rent/Lease in Lagos, Nigeria


Power Supply

Yes it is true that the power situation in Nigeria is nothing to write home about, but some areas in Lagos have a considerably decent power supply. It is important that the area where the property you intend to rent/lease has a good power situation. You might also need to find out if it is one of those places where the transformer constantly goes bad and could take forever to be fixed. You’ll not want to rent a property in a neighborhood where power supply is just too poor. So it will be wise to do some personal research to ensure that you’ll not be over dependent on your generator, else this could drive up your daily expenses and drill a hole in your finances.


Water Supply

Just as with power, water is an essential need in our everyday life. And the absence of an efficient water supply system could lead to a lot of stress and discomfort. It will also mean that we’ll be forced to live an unhygienic lifestyle. So we need to ensure that the property we want to rent in Lagos is one that has a borehole or at least some sort of water supply system which allows its tenants to receive adequate water in their respective apartments or office spaces.


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Pre-existing Damages

This is more important if the property in question is not a virgin property i.e a property that has been in use before. It is common knowledge that a property that has been in use must have been damaged in one area or the other, which makes it important that you carefully evaluate the extent of damages that you might need to fix before moving into the property. All these are some of the things that might drive up the eventual cost of moving into the property. Conduct a thorough inspection of the property and ensure that you enter into every corner of the property to allow you evaluate the extent of repairs and the estimated cost of fixing such. Failure to do this could eventually make your experience with the property a nightmare.



Study of Essential Documents

While this might not be seen as important by many people, it could prove to be your biggest undoing if neglected. Signing of an “Agreement document“. Is a basic part of the process of Renting/Leasing a property in Lagos, it has also been one of the major sources of disputes down the line. And this can be attributed to the fact that most tenants don’t read through the binding documents. These documents usually contain all the agreements, as to the terms and conditions of your stay in that property, and as such are also legally binding.  In the event of any legal dispute that could arise in your stay there, these documents could be used in court to determine the guilty party. So it becomes important that you always take time to read in between the lines in other to avoid signing something that will put you in a position of disadvantage whenever there’s a matter that needs to be resolved with the landlord of the property.


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