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Some key factors to consider before buying a house in Lagos, Nigeria

Some key factors to consider before buying a house in Lagos, Nigeria

Hello everyone, our topic today we’ll be discussing the benefits of sighting your property in a vicinity that is calm and conducive for living.

It is true that one of the most important factors to consider when buying a land or property is affordability. This is the major factor that shapes the choice of many property buyers most of the time. But while this is a key factor, many people often tend to neglect the importance of considering other essential factors like some stated below

Key Things to consider before buying a property

  1. Access to motorable roads
  2. Relative peace in the environment
  3. Proximity to basic amenities (Schools & Markets etc)



  1. Access to motorable roads

This is a very vital factor that must be considered carefully before paying for a property/Land, as you’ll need to constantly commute to your place of work/business on a daily basis and of course take trips to other important places that you need to go to, making it very important that at least the quality of roads there is motorable. We all know that Nigeria currently does not have the best of road networks, but there are some neighborhoods where the quality of roads is quite commendable and as such, it will not constantly send you on unnecessary trips to the mechanic workshop.



  1. Relative peace in the environment

Peace and tranquility is a vital component that cannot be over emphasized. It will not be wise to get a property in a neighborhood known for constant riots and gang wars. As these could be a threat to the lives and businesses operating in that environment. Some people who plan to purchase properties tend to sometimes overlook these things and end up regretting their acquisitions. Although in all fairness, no community is without its own challenges, but there are many serene neighborhoods where the community leaders and landlords have developed and maintained their own security structure to maintain peace at all times.



  1. Proximity to basic amenities (Schools & Markets etc)


Proximity to important places that helps you carry on with your normal life is also an important factor to consider when buying a house in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria. Like the market where you need to buy your foodstuffs and other household items, the school that your kids will attend and even places like the gym/fitness centre. All these things form a part of your daily life and as such it becomes wise that you buy a property in an environment that has them within a touching distance.


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