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Renting an Apartment with Service Charges and what you need to know

Renting an Apartment with Service Charges

Often times you see a property listing with the term “Service charge” and you’re wondering what that means and how it stands to benefit you? This is more common in Top level residential properties and office buildings. It can apply to both apartments and office spaces that are either for sale or rent. And it covers a number of services that the owner of the building is going to render to the occupants of that building.

There is no strict standard on what a service charge covers, as its coverage may differ from property to property. These services could range from the provision and maintenance of the elevator, gym, swimming pool and the discharge of the sewage etc, depending on the arrangement by the property owner.

Although these charges can sometimes appear exorbitant as some might be priced above the average market price, but they surely have advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. Imagine having to negotiate independently the cost for discharging the sewage, maintenance of the elevator or outright replacement of some of its broken parts? Also think about how stressful it might be to have to worry about the maintenance of the equipments in the gym, and also the water pumping machine amongst many other things.


There’re so many other things that the service charge could potentially cover and they can be really helpful in helping you get rid of worries associated with having to take care of these things yourselves as a tenant.


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If you have lived or owned an office space in a property with more than 4-5 tenants, chances are that you must have witnessed the unnecessary stress that comes with fixing or maintaining the smallest thing in that property. First, there’s an issue of who’ll volunteer to make out time from their busy schedule to go in search of a possible solution to a problem.


Secondly, you’ll also have an issue of who’ll be willing to move round apartment to apartment or office to office to collect everybody’s contribution. As you must already know the discouraging attitude of many people who’ll keep telling you to come back as if your life depended on their contribution.

This situation many at times, leads to the complete breakdown of the amenities and sometimes to a state beyond repair, owing to everybody’s reluctance to pay or cooperate.


Therefore the best option for such a property is to have one fixed charge that caters for all these maintenance and repairs at once. It will be handled by the Property managers and with measures put in place to ensure that every amenities or responsibility it covers is well taken care of at every point in time.


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