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Key factors you must consider before renting an Apartment in Lagos

Key factors you must consider before renting an Apartment in Lagos

Renting an apartment in Lagos can be a very daunting task, as you have to worry about a number of things, from finding the right Real Estate agents to getting a good apartment that falls within your budget; it is never an easy task anytime, any day.


Lagos is a metropolitan city with a population of over 22 million inhabitants and with a housing deficit placed at about 3,000,000 it becomes easier to understand why it is quite challenging to find the right apartments in Lagos. The housing shortage is believed to be on a steady increase as more people seek to relocate to Lagos in order to seek greener pastures.

Nevertheless, there’re some key things that one must consider before deciding on the right apartment to rent in Lagos.


Some Factors to consider before Renting an Apartment in Lagos

  1. Proximity to your Place of work: It is always important that you carefully consider the distance between where you intend renting an apartment and where you work or do business. This is not just about the stress of always needing to travel long distances between home and work place, but also about the cost of doing so, which might eat deep into your finances. So it becomes wise that whenever you go in search of an apartment to rent in Lagos, you should carefully consider the distance that you have to travel on a daily basis.



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  1. Availability of basic amenities: As a working class personnel who had a long and stressful day at work, it can be quite heart breaking to come home at night and needing to go out in search of water to take your bath and prepare your dinner. Some people have moved into apartments which they rented only to discover that the house is not yet connected to the power supply grid. These and many more are the reasons why it is important that you go for inspection of any apartment that you intend to rent and also ask questions where you have doubts, because failure to do so might make you pay rent for an apartment that will frustrate you every day.


  1. Cost of Living: While this is one of the most commonly overlooked factors for renting an apartment in Lagos, it is very important because you might end up needing to borrow money from friends and family for your daily survival. The costs of commodities are not the same everywhere in Lagos. For example as a bachelor who doesn’t cook all the time, you will have to constantly visit a local restaurant in the neighborhood to get food. And as such, you should know that there are parts of Lagos where you can easily get “A plate of food” for as low as N300 per plate, and there are also other parts of Lagos where the lowest rate per plate is N1000 etc. This also applies to other items like groceries that we use on a daily basis. Therefore making it important that you must carefully consider this before paying rent to move into an apartment.


We at Topland Realties Limited are Real Estate Consultants who don’t just help you find the most likeable apartments in your area of choice, but we also take time to carefully guide you, on the apartment that will be the best for you after carefully considering key elements like the distance to your place of work and income bracket etc. We have various types of apartments, ranging from 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and duplexes etc. We also have fully serviced apartments with gyms, swimming pools and CCTV etc.


We are always prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring that you get the best possible apartment that suits your budget. So why not contact us today to discuss your plans to move into that apartment you have always wanted? Call or Whatsapp- +234 811 443 1525



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