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How To Choose a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

How To Choose a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

The process of choosing the right Real Estate Company/Agent to work with is one of the most important processes involved when seeking to buy a property in Nigeria. It is a popular practice in most parts of the world for people to contact a Real Estate company/Agent to help facilitate a good deal. But with the very high number of quacks and fraudsters out there, it has become quite tricky.

To be honest with you, this problem is not peculiar to just the Real Estate business, as quacks can be found in literally every field.

Below are a few tips that will help you choose the right Real Estate Company/Agent


Knowledge of Local Market

Real Estate is a unique and capital intensive sector, which therefore demands a very deep knowledge for one to carefully navigate. A good Real Estate Agent should have a comprehensive knowledge of the local market. He/she should be able to identify the right Real Estate opportunities that will bring medium and long term returns for the investor. It is important that they’re able to educate you on the advantages and also disadvantages of investing in any part of the country where they operate or cover. This will help you make well informed decisions about your property acquisitions. Things like the soil type of a land and also if it is a swampy terrain are information they should have and be willing to share with you, in order to build trust and protect their integrity.



This is a proven method of making purchases that will be of high quality and value. It involves you asking your friends and family about Real Estate agents that they have worked with in the past. A good Real Estate entity will always work hard to ensure that clients get the best value for their investments as they know the power of recommendations and referrals. So it is also very ok to ask your folks about their experiences with their own agents and get recommendations.


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 Communication Skills

This an important part of every business, which entails that you ensure that your Real Estate Agent is one who understands the importance of communicating effectively with clients. As so many are desperate to close a deal, and as such, are willing to rush you into paying for a property they know will not be of value to you. You must ensure that you watch out for these red flags as you’ll not be happy with your acquisition on the long term if you were rushed into paying for it.

Always ask all the necessary questions you have and if the answers provided are not satisfactory you can begin to speak to another Real Estate company/Agent.


Check For Online Presence

Yes, you read that right, online presence is another tool that you can use to understand the type of company you are about to deal with. Every serious brand must try to connect with its online followers as it is one channel that allows them reach more potential clients, but more importantly it also serves as a medium through which they can settle disputes and attend to the concerns of people. Just like we try to do with our official website where we list properties for sale but also ensure that chats and emails received are responded to in the shortest possible time. We also have a dedicated team that attends to the needs of our social media followers on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc.

All the above highlighted points are not in any way magic wands, but could be helpful in helping spot and engage the right people when seeking to purchase your property.


Finally, we at TOPLAND REALTIES LIMITED are expert Real Estate Consultants with many years of serving clients in Lagos and across Nigeria. We have lands and properties for sale in some of the best locations available and always ensure that our clients get the best value for all their acquisitions, in other to ensure that they are happy to come back and also refer others to us.

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