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How To Buy, Sell or Lease a Warehouse In Nigeria

How To Buy, Sell or Lease a Warehouse In Nigeria

A warehouse is usually a big storage space where goods of all kinds can be stored for onward delivery to consumers across the country. They come in different shapes and sizes and are very key for the operations of many manufacturing companies. They’re also essential for the day to day operations of importers/exporters of goods that are always in need of storage space to house their goods before it is finally moved to the final destination.

The rapid increase in the level of internet penetration in Nigeria has also given rise to online shopping, with many E-commerce companies emerging on a daily basis, which has also fueled the growing demand for Logistics and Haulage services. These Logistics and Haulage services firms cannot do without the use of a warehouse as it is central to their business operations.


In the haulage or Logistics business, a warehouse is needed to store and carefully package parcels or shipments to be delivered across the country. More storage space equally means more volume of items you can process at any given time.


While the size of a warehouse goes a long way in determining the value, the location is also a key consideration before building or purchasing one. Warehouses located near key markets, Seaports/airports or industrial hubs etc are traditionally higher in value than others that might be sited elsewhere. This is majorly due to their proximity to environments where their need is in high demand.

Having a warehouse strategically located near a key economic center or a market you intend to penetrate with your goods, can go a long way in determining how successful your business would be.


How To Buy or Sell a Warehouse

It is an uphill task for many people seeking to buy, sell or lease an already built warehouse, as people who can afford to buy or lease one are not found everyday. And so if you have one you need to buy or maybe you’re looking to sell yours, it is important that you enlist the services of a Real Estate expert.

This is better because a Real Estate expert has a network and portfolio of clients who will most likely have need for a warehouse. Thereby making the process of trying to buy, sell or maybe lease one, a very fast and hassle free process.


We at Topland Realties Limited have many years of Real Estate consultancy under our belt. We also have an extensive network of partners and clients who will potentially be interested in buying or selling a warehouse. We always ensure that we perform all necessary due diligence on every documents pertaining to any property that we intend to help buy or sell.  We believe that the best way to build a brand that will leave its legacy in the sands of time is to be very transparent with all our processes. We currently have Warehouses for sale and we are always happy to help you find a buyer if you have any warehouse you own and will like to sell or lease.

All you need to right now is Call or Whatsapp- +234 811 443 1525 to discuss further with our sales rep.

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