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How To Buy A Property In Nigeria From Abroad Without Being Scammed

How To Buy A Property In Nigeria From Abroad Without Being Scammed

Hello our dear readers, today we’ll give you insights on how to go about buying a property in Nigeria even when you’re based abroad.

Often times we come across clients who are Nigerians living abroad, having the intention of buying a property but are unsure of how to go about it, as they are also being careful in order not to get scammed.

These categories of clients tend to worry about the idea of sending the money to friends or relatives also who might end up buying a property that is different from what they truly want in other to pocket some of the money for themselves.


Pls Note: The property in question could be an empty plot of land or a finished house


We’ve heard of many tales where people living abroad sent money to their relatives to help them purchase a land or a finished property only to return home to discover that nothing was purchased, but rather the funds meant for the property was diverted for personal use.

So if you have any of these fears, your concerns are genuine and so in this post I’ll share some tips that could guide you through the process of buying a property in Nigeria even when you live abroad.

Whether you live in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, buying a property in Nigeria could be quite a herculean task as there are a lot of issues you might have to confront, from;

  1. Who can I trust?
  2. How am I sure I will get a quality land/property?


Below are 2 options you might want to consider if you want to buy a property in Nigeria from abroad.


Option 1

If you have so much doubt, then the best option will be for you to hop on a plane and come down to Nigeria, where our team at Topland Realties Limited will be more than willing to show you a variety of available properties up for sale in any area of your choice. We believe that you inspecting the property yourself will help you make up your mind more quickly, as they say “Seeing is believing”.  We always ensure that we only take clients on property inspections after carefully understanding the exact type of property that they’ll love to buy so as to save everyone’s time and energy. This will only take you a day or 2, after which you can get back on the plane and head back to your base.


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Option 2 – Preferred by many

For many, the process and arrangements required for travelling is not one that they find convenient. As the cost of plane tickets, hotel booking and other expenses that could arise especially as someone returning home to Nigeria, of which it is almost customary that you give gifts or money to every relative who stops by to say “Welcome Home”. Hence many prefer the second option below.

Step 1 (Video Inspection)- We make a detailed video of the property in question and send it to the client; this helps them to see what the property looks like. If it is a swampy or water logged land for example, they’ll get to see that. After watching the video, they get to ask any question and we’ll immediately provide all the necessary answers.


Step 2 (Survey /Coordinate search)- We are fine with you getting someone to go do the Survey/coordinate search on your behalf in order to ascertain the true status of a land or property.  All you need do is to complete a soft copy application and make payment from anywhere you are based, It’s that simple.



Make payment just like that when I haven’t met you?

This is usually the most uncomfortable part for most property buyers who are based abroad. Even after all the physical or video inspection of the property, many are still afraid of sending the necessary funds.

First and foremost I will provide you with a helpful tip that you need to follow and that is, you should never make any payments into any personal account. For example, we at Topland Realties limited will never send you a private account for you to pay into and all transactions we conduct goes through our corporate account bearing our company name or that of another Real Estate company that is the owner of the property and who is also our partner.

It is also important to let you know that we have 2 types of properties we sell,


i. Company property: This is our own in-house property, that is to say, these properties belong to us and we sell to clients without the involvement of any third party Real Estate company


ii. Partner Properties: These are properties belonging to any of the many Real Estate partners that we have. As you must   know already, the Real Estate sector thrives on partnerships and a high quality network that is built to help facilitate business transactions. So we sometimes list properties of any of our partners for sale, of which if you’re to pay directly to them it must be a corporate account also. This is to avoid any form or doubt or fear.


Finally if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the issues we discussed or did not discuss in this article, please feel free to send an email to or Call or Whatsapp- +234 811 443 1525 and we’ll be more than happy to respond to your questions.

We are Topland Realties Limited, a trusted Real Estate company in Nigeria with an impressive portfolio of happy clients who have invested in Real Estate through us, we believe that our biggest asset is our integrity as a brand and that guides our daily operations. We are ready to serve you, so why not give us a call so we can get you started.

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