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How To Buy A LPG Gas Plant in Nigeria

How To Buy LPG Gas Plant in Nigeria

Hello everyone, Today we’ll discuss briefly how you can buy a LPG gas plant in Nigeria. The use of LPG for cooking in Nigerian homes has increased in no small measure. It is fast displacing the traditional kerosene stoves that were mostly used in homes across the country.


This meteoric rise in the adoption of cooking gas has also created a huge demand for LPG Plants in areas where none existed before.  As people are becoming aware of the many benefits of using LPG when cooking, as they are more economical, burn efficiently and are even more environmentally friendly.


With a projected yearly consumption targeted to hit 5 million MT by 2022, Nigeria is set to move away from kerosene and firewood methods of cooking to a more environmentally friendly way of cooking.


Everywhere around us today, there’re LPG plants popping up here and there, with each of them having enough customers to patronize them. The business is growing at such a rapid pace that some LPG marketers are beginning to open small shops in streets/residential neighborhoods to sell their products.


Although the government has frowned at this new trend due to the level of risk involved. As LPG is highly inflammable and as such, should not be set up in small shops where there will be little or no provision of safety protocols.



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Many people are currently looking to get into the business of LPG (Gas and Cylinder) sales, but don’t know how to go about getting the right site that can be approved by DPR (Department for Petroleum Resource). As for your site to be approved by the agency in charge of issuing permits for projects like this to be built, it must be in compliance with their set rules, which can sometimes be an enormous task.


Some people are also not sure of how to go about the process of having to build one from the scratch, while others simply don’t have the time to wait for all the many processes involved before you can get to the stage where you can start dispensing cooking gas to consumers.


Which means that the best option that can be adopted by this group of individuals or corporate entities would be to buy an existing LPG plant.  As this helps you get past the many rigorous processes that can sometimes be frustrating especially if you’re new to the business


Although some of these existing plants might require some level of renovation or facility upgrades, It must at least be in a fairly good working condition and should be sited in an area where you can be patronized easily (A place within the reach of people). It must also have some of the key DPR permits that should allow you commence full operations within the shortest possible time.


The question most likely on your mind right now is, how do I buy an LPG plant in Nigeria? The answer is quite simple “Topland”.


Topland Realties Limited is a trusted Real Estate consultancy firm with many years of industry experience under its belt. We have successfully help to facilitate the sales and purchase of various kinds of properties, ranging from Filling Stations to LPG plant, ware houses, Office buildings and Residential buildings etc.


We have a very wide network of strategic partnerships, which comes in handy whenever we need to help buy or sell any property of any kind.

We understand the key documents that must be made available before you purchase the LPG plant, which makes us the best option for this process. Why not contact Us today to get a list of available LPG Plants for sale, Call or Whatsapp- +234 811 443 1525 to get started today.


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