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How To Avoid Having Problems With “Omonile” Land Grabbers in Lagos

How To Avoid Having Problems With “Omonile” Land Grabbers in Lagos

Omonile is term widely used to refer to Land Grabbers in Lagos. Although it’s direct English translation means “Children/descendants of the original land owner”, which means that they’re the original occupants of that land and are from the families that sold the land to other landlords. Over the years, they have built a reputation for harassing and extorting property buyers and developers of their hard earned money.  They’re also known to be involved in all kinds of property scams which have seen many unsuspecting victims fall cheaply for their formats.

The Lagos State government has made attempts in the past to come up with policies and legislations that will help to curtail the excesses of these people, but not much progress can be said to have been made, as no concrete strategy has been structured to implement any of the policies.


There are many ways that you can fall a victim of the scams perpetrated by these people “Omonile”;

  1. Selling a Land In Dispute: This is one of their numerous strategies to defraud unsuspecting victims. They’ll convince you to buy a land which they know is having issues over its ownership. They’ll pose as the rightful owner of the property and then tell you that everything is totally fine with the property. After you have paid, you might then discover that there is an ongoing court case over who the rightful owner of the property truly is. By the time you discover what they’ve done and dare to confront them, they’ll ask you to bring more money so they can show you another land, and if you don’t cooperate and try to bother them any further, they might go as far as threatening your life. So beware of dealing with them directly. Always involve professionals who know how to navigate the terrain, based on experience amassed over the years of actively brokering Real Estate deals.


  1. Colluding with fraudulent Surveyors: They sometimes collude with dishonest surveyors to produce a fake survey plan which will be used to convince you as a buyer to pay for the property. When you see such a survey plan, there’ll be a number of things that are inconsistent with the standard for a genuine survey plan. You might notice that there’s no seal from a licensed surveyor or some other times, there will be no name (Full name of the original document owner) etc. All these are done with the help of fraudulent and unlicensed Surveyors. Just to give you the false impression that everything is totally fine with the documents of the said property.


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How To Avoid These Issues


  1. Always deal with Reputable Real Estate Firms/Agents: Just like in every business, you must have genuine professionals and quacks who don’t mind deploying fraudulent tactics in their desperate bid to make fast cash.

It is always advisable to work with a brand that would not want to tarnish its image. As every professional in the Real Estate business knows the importance of trust in this sector.

Look out for trustworthy firms with years of experience. Ones who will always ensure the every Title document involved in the property sales is genuine and valid.


  1. Involve Your Lawyer: It is also recommended that you involve your lawyer in any Real Estate investment you might want to get into. As they’ll be able to bring their expertise to the fore, in other to help you verify the authenticity and validity of all the documents as it concerns the property you intend to invest in. A lawyer already knows how to spot red flags in documents and he also knows which office to knock on, when he needs to verify the legitimacy of any document. Lawyers ensure that no one can put up any fraudulent act and get away with it. So it is wise to spare some finance for the services of an experienced lawyer.


It is also advisable that you don’t deal directly with Omonile people in any Real Estate/Property deal, but rather you work strictly with experienced Realtors.


We at Topland Realties Limited are very experienced in the Real Estate Business as we have been active players in this sector for over 13 years. We understand the importance of building trust with all our clients and as such, we ensure that every Real Estate deal we’re involved in, gives our clients the best possible value for their money.


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