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How To Buy LPG Gas Plant in Nigeria

How To Buy A LPG Gas Plant in Nigeria

Hello everyone, Today we’ll discuss briefly how you can buy a LPG gas plant in Nigeria. The use of LPG for cooking in Nigerian homes has increased in no small measure. It is fast displacing the traditional kerosene stoves that were mostly used in homes across the country.   This meteoric rise in the adoption of cooking gas has also created a huge demand for LPG Plants in areas where none existed...

how to sell filling station in Nigeria

We Can Help You Sell That Filling Station

A filling station is a facility needed by literally everyone as we all need one or more of the products sold there either for our everyday commuting or for powering our homes or offices. Many at times we don’t seem to fully appreciate the importance of having one within a touching distance, maybe because many of us grew up in urban areas where one can be found at every turn in the city. The importance...

This is the best time to own a Property In Ibeju Lekki

This is the best time to own a Property In Ibeju Lekki

The property market in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing in Africa and with many mega projects already underway across the length and breadth of Lagos which is the commercial capital of Nigeria, the real estate market will experience further growth.   Nigeria’s housing deficit currently stands at over 17 million units according to World Bank estimates of 2018, which means that millions of...

Why you should get a Realtor to help you sell your property in Nigeria

Why you should get a Realtor to help you sell your property in Nigeria

As a property owner who intends to sell his/her property to maybe invest in something else, there’s always that temptation to overlook enlisting the services of a Real Estate expert. We often believe that, by just telling a few people in our neighborhood or by uploading it to some property listing sites, then, we’re all fine and good. Well, things don’t always work out that way, even though these...

Renting an Apartment with Service Charges

Renting an Apartment with Service Charges and what you need to know

Often times you see a property listing with the term “Service charge” and you’re wondering what that means and how it stands to benefit you? This is more common in Top level residential properties and office buildings. It can apply to both apartments and office spaces that are either for sale or rent. And it covers a number of services that the owner of the building is going to render to the...

Important tips for finding the best tenants for your property in Nigeria

Building or buying a property of your own is quite a great feat to achieve anywhere in the world. It means that you have invested in one of the most reliable sectors that have the capacity to preserve your investment and also appreciate in value over time. That been said, finding the right type of tenants can be very challenging as there’re the good, the bad and the ugly ones out there. As a landlord...

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