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Before You Buy That Land, Read This

Before You Buy That Land, Read This

Purchasing a property is a very wise investment decision, one which has the ability to secure ones future. It can also become a nightmare if the intending property buyer does not thread with caution.

First, a property buyer must always ensure that they are able to establish certain facts, one of which is to ascertain if the seller is the rightful owner or has the authorization from the owner to sell on their behalf.

Another key thing to also look out for, is to establish if the property has any third parties who have legitimate rights over it. These third party rights might be in form of mortgages, right of way and possibly any existing agreement that forbids the property from being sold.

These concerns if treated with seriousness will help the intending buyer to make an informed decision before the purchase is made.


Below are a few vital things to look out for before buying that land;

There are however many factors one needs to consider before buying a land in Nigeria, which ranges from:


1. The size of the land:

This is very important as the size of the land will determine the kind of project that can be accommodated. The land will also shape the design of the house as whatever be the ideas you or your architects are proposing, you must always take the size of the land into consideration.

Although a plot of land is measured differently in various cities across Nigeria, it is important that you see the land before buying to better understand the actual size of the land.

This will help you decide if such a size is suitable for your project and as such, you can then decide on whether it is wise to go ahead with the purchase or not.


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2. The soil type:

The type of soil on a land matters as it will determine the type of structure that it can support. You must also try to find out if the said land is a dry land or swampy land. As it is a known fact that building on a swampy land is way more expensive. This is largely due to the amount of sand filling that must be done before proper construction can commence. So ensure that you go for an inspection of the land in order to be able to see things for yourself.


3. Boundaries:

This is oftentimes ignored by many land buyers which later will metamorphose into a legal brouhaha. The boundaries of every land must be clearly defined in order to avoid any issues relating to encroachment either by you or your neighbor. Many people are currently shuttling in and out of court, in order to prove their innocence on litigations arising from possible property encroachment.

So whenever you intend to purchase a land/property anywhere, always ensure that you’re shown a very clear boundary that helps to establish where a property starts to where it ends.


The checks discussed above are not in any way a guarantee for getting the right land/property, as there’re other things that one must evaluate like; Access Roads, Security situation and proximity to key infrastructure etc

Finally it is also important that whenever you intend to buy a piece of land anywhere in Nigeria, it is wise that you work with a trustworthy Real Estate company.  We at Topland Realties Limited have a long history of providing Real Estate consultancy & Agency services to clients.

With over 13 years in the business, we have built a reputation of being a brand that you can trust whenever you need to buy land and other properties.

We currently have lands for sale across Lagos and will be more than happy to take you for an inspection of any of our lands for sale. Why delay, when all you need to do is Call or Whatsapp- +234 811 443 1525 ?


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